SEO: The ABC’s of Driving Traffic to Your Website

So, you have hired professionals to get your website ready. You chose perfect background, content, design, and fonts, but you still are missing one of the most important things: traffic. What should you do to get more traffic to your website? Let us know the basics of driving traffic to your website. Read on.

As far as SEO goes, text and images play a great role. Images beautify your website and advance your SEO ranking. What does this mean? This means do use pictures with content on your website. If you have a blog as well, make sure to use at least one relevant image with each blog post.
Choose local directories and publish your articles on them. For instance, you can go for online directories, such as FourSquare and Yelp. It is good for search engine rankings as well as for traffic.
You may also want to take advantage of Google+ to improve your search results. You will get a lot of traffic as well.

Keep Your Content Fresh

Your blog or website should be updated on a regular basis. For instance, if you post a blog post daily, then stick to this routine. If you post weekly, don’t be inconsistent and post one blog per week. This will keep your readers pay visits to your sites on a regular basis.

Add an Instagram feed to your website, and it will update your content by adding a picture to your account. Apart from this, don’t underestimate the importance of Facebook, Twitter and Linkdein.

You do have an opinion like millions of other people. Protect yourself as a leader in the field you are in. How can you do that? You can do that by devoting time to your business. in order to keep in touch with your target market, you can use forums.

By attaching a blog with your site, you can let your website visitors share their opinion with you. Through your blog, you can share inside tips with your readers and buyers.

So, how can you get traffic to your website easily? Can you use any shortcuts? Normally, shortcuts won’t work for SEO, as they come under the category of black hat SEO. So, stick to the white hat SEO techniques to keep away from Google penalty.