Does Social Media Really Help With SEO?

This is a very common question and there are a couple of things that should be addressed. First off, you should keep in mind that social media offers no-follow links. This means you cannot get quality links if you spam Twitter or Facebook. As soon as you launch a website, you should leave some links on your social media profiles because Google indexes them much fast. When I am building links for a site, I leave main links of my site on Facebook and Twitter in my tweets or comments. And they are get indexed very quickly. As far as I think, this is the fastest way of getting quality backlinks. If you submit them to Google, indexing can take several weeks.

The bigger advantage comes through developing quality content. If you want higher returns, you should make it a habit to post quality content on your site as well as to article directories. Some people don’t take this advice and look for shortcuts. Doing so will get you punished by Google. This means you should avoid over optimizing your site content. Apart from this, you should not have too many do-follow backlinks referring to only a couple of anchors. As soon as you put out user-friendly, informative content, you will start getting organic traffic on your website. This is best type of traffic. The moment your readers subscribe to your website, they will continue to visit your site for more content.

How does a social media site, such as Facebook, and Twitter help you with SEO? Well, if you put together a blog entry with a keyword-riche title and high search volume at its back, you will see it ranking quite easily. People tend to like long tail blog entry and share it, but on one condition: the content of the blog should be high quality. By the way, people scan through articles and blogs in order to make sure it is worth reading. So, you should write for the readers and not for the consumers. This is because people will come to know automatically. You don’t need to write every single blog posts with a purpose of selling a product or service through it. Doing so is a bad practice, as people will lose interest in your blog gradually.

You can perform link building in order to boost blogs posts on your blog. At times, a little bit of link building gives you a lot more visitors than you may think. I have build only 10 backlinks for my blog and they generate a few hundred hits per month on my blog. The good thing is that you may keep posting these blog posts so as to generate organic traffic from them. Here is one important thing that you should bear in mind while producing content: the title of each post should be eye-catching. This means the title should be interesting and it should have keywords that people use to make searches.

Aside from titles, don’t forget to include your keywords in the posts. Link each of your post back to your website. You will get great links when readers will spread the content. This means people will be do the work and you will get the reward in terms of backlinks. But you should first product and submit content that can interest people.
Another think to stick in mind is that social media websites are important in the eyes of Google algorithm. So, your presence on these sites is important. So, it is better to get started on these sites as soon as possible.
Long story short, if you keep promoting your site on social media sites, you can enjoy big dividends in the long run.