Do You Suffer From Analysis Paralysis?

I am certain you have heard of Paralysis by Analysis before. You know it is where you over think and over analysis to point of total confusion. You can't decide to turn left, right, go straight……. like the traffic light above.

Now if that doesn't confuse you nothing will. You know what a light like that would do in the real streets of any town? Cause one heck of a major traffic jam with no one going nowhere. Everyone sitting in their cars and just honking their horns (because they don't know what else to do). Well, that is what is happening in your own head when you just keep searching, reading, surfing, read some more. Then look at testimonials. See 10 great ones then someone says not so great so you go back in your head….. round and round you go trying to make a decision and what gets done? Not a damn thing! Excuse me for putting it so bluntly but it is true.

I totally understand this. Believe me I earned a PhD in "Analysis Paralysis" from the famed School of Hard Knocks. So I have truly been there, done that, and bought the t shirt. I was always leery of taking that big step afraid of the dreaded "big mistake". The real reason for my confusion was not understanding online marketing. How it works. Where to start and so on. That is what is so good about MTTB and the 21 steps. It starts you at entry level and leads you through the process. Then there is your one on one coach there to answer your questions. Now the BEST part……. for a limited time you can a MTTB 21 Step Trial for $1. Yes, one whole dollar. Take a look and get started today. YOUR PERSONAL LINK

Oh, the cure for analysis paralysis…….. Screw it, Just Do it!! Image

Until later,