Are You Puzzled by Internet Marketing?

How is Online Marketing Like a Jigsaw Puzzle?

 Seems like an unlikely comparison hunh? Not as much as you might think actually.


If you have ever done a jigsaw puzzle you know the routine:

– Turn all the pieces face up

– Find all the straight edge pieces for the border

– Refer to the picture on the box

– Sort pieces by color, scene, etc

– Refer to the Box

– Do the border

– Refer to the box

– Do one section/picture at a time

– Refer to the box


A 1000 piece puzzle is a slow go but totally doable.


Now try it with the pieces face down and no picture on the box to follow. I would call that nearly impossible. Oh, you could do it trying a piece at a time by trial and error but what a pain. Why even consider doing it that way?


Now Lets Look at Online Marketing…..

It can be like putting a puzzle together in getting all the pieces in place. 

– You need a product

– You need a sales funnel

– Got some copyrighting to do

– Set up an autoresponder

– Set up payment process

– Product delivery

– Advertising

– And so much more


It can be a VERY daunting task. When you have no experience and no system (the picture on the box) to follow it seems impossible. Did I mention VERY expensive as well? Trial and error online can be absolutely brutal! Working for hours to complete a puzzle only to find a couple of pieces missing. How frustrating. Well online can be just as bad. Work not just hours but days and weeks. Only to find no success because you had a couple of pieces of the marketing puzzle left out. That is why I look for businesses with outstanding coaching and training.


 What does a 21 Step Program do for you?

– Don't know an autoresponder from and Autozone? ,,,, No problem, it's covered

– Think copyrighting is just a date in a book? … Taught as well

– Think Traffic is just on the highways? …. Again, that is fine… There's a lesson too

– Don't know how to do Facebook ad? …. You guessed it … No problem


Get the idea? A system takes you by the hand from square one, day one. 

Start your own business.

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